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San Diego Domestic Violence Launch Event

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Domestic Violence Awareness Month starts in October, and the San Diego Domestic Violence Council is gearing up for a major event to bring awareness to this pressing matter. On Tuesday, October 3rd, from 11 am-2 pm, the San Diego Domestic Violence Council will host its launch event at The Balboa Park Club Ballroom at 2150 Pan American Road West, San Diego CA, 92101.

This event will feature notable speakers and community leaders committed to making a difference. Let's delve into the details of this event and understand why it's crucial for our community.

The Importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is observed to unify individuals and communities against one of society's most pressing issues. It's an opportunity to show our support for survivors, educate ourselves and others about the common signs and consequences of domestic abuse, and strive to further prevent domestic violence within our communities.

The San Diego Domestic Violence Council Launch Event

The SDDVC's Launch Event is pivotal in the collective efforts to combat domestic violence. Here's what you'll need to know about this event:

Date & Time

  • Date: Tuesday, October 3rd 2023

  • Time: 11am-2pm


The event will take place at The Balboa Park Club Ballroom, a historic venue known for hosting meaningful community gatherings and events. The address is 2150 Pan American Road West, San Diego CA 92101

Distinguished Speakers

The event has an excellent lineup of speakers who are all committed to ending domestic abuse within our community:

  • DA Summer Stephens*

  • City Attorney Mara Elliot

  • Sheriff Kelly Martinez

  • Chief Tamika Nelson, Probation

  • Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten

Why You Should Attend

  • Raise Awareness: By attending this event, you are contributing to raising awareness about Domestic Violence, a serious issue that affects many people in our community.

  • Community Unity: It is an opportunity to unite with fellow community members, local organizations, and community leaders who are committed to ending domestic abuse.

  • Network & Learn: You'll have the chance to learn from professionals and network with others who share your desire to make a difference.

  • Support Survivors: Show your support for survivors of domestic violence and join the movement to make our community a safer and more secure place.


The SDDVC Launch Event on Tuesday, October 3rd, is a significant step toward making our city a safer and more compassionate place to live. With notable speakers and passionate community members joining forces, we have a great opportunity to make a lasting effect in the battle against domestic violence. Mark your calendars and join us for this wonderful occasion in our efforts to raise awareness and stop domestic violence. Together, we can make our city of San Diego a safer, more welcoming place for everyone!

* DA Summer Stephens may have a possible conflict of scheduling*

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